Dr. Victor Hao Li : Advisor

Dr. Victor Hao Li

For 25 years, including more than 9 years as president of the East-West Center, Dr. Victor Hao Li has been a leading specialist in Asian law and a leader in the development of the concept of the “Pacific Era.” His efforts to improve understanding of economic needs and cultural issues have been instrumental in expanding relations and resolving conflict among the nation as of Asia and the Pacific.

Dr. Li brings to The Asia Pacific Consulting Group a unique combination of scholarly knowledge and practical experience. He is known for his in-depth studies of the Chinese legal system, as well as his work in developing a legal framework for normalization of relations between the United States and China. He has worked on issues of economic development in Asia and the Pacific, and is especially knowledgeable about sources of accurate and timely information about the region. He formerly served on the board of directors of the Grumman Corp.; the Cologne Reinsurance Co., and the AES China Generating Corp. He also was vice president of General Reinsurance Company, focusing on the development of the China business.

Born in China, Dr. Li was educated in the United States. He graduated from Columbia College and Columbia Law School and holds two post-graduate degrees from Harvard Law School. Before joining the East-West Center, he taught at Stanford Law School as Shelton Professor of International Legal Studies and director of The Center for East Asian Studies. He also has taught at Columbia Law School and the University of Michigan Law School.