Public Affairs

Watanabe Ing's Public Affairs provides strategic counseling and government affairs services on public policy issues involving all levels of government, county, state and federal.

From the firm’s inception in 1971, we’ve developed and maintained a keen understanding of Hawai‘i’s complex business environment including the cultural nuances, the political system and the community. We constantly develop, maintain, and nurture critical business, community, and political contacts. It’s this knowledge that allows us to provide our clients with effective, superior results and introduce and assimilate mainland and international clients to Hawai‘i.

The Group maintains an experienced staff of lobbyists, bill-trackers, and community affairs specialists which complement and augment the firm’s legal practice.

Our Public Affairs Group underscores the firm’s commitment to providing our clients with a full spectrum of services aimed at meeting their needs in Hawai‘i’s unique environment.

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Lori Ann C. Lum

Government Relations & Public Affairs Director

Annie L. Macapagal

Government Relations & Public Affairs Advisor

Kendall Matsuyoshi

Government Relations & Public Affairs Advisor

Myoung Oh

Government Relations & Public Affairs Senior Advisor